“Move at your own Pace but keep moving” And “Life is Process”

My first book “Move at your own Pace but keep moving” and Second book “Life is process” has been my best Accomplishment. I love to write and enjoyed telling my stories no matter how embarrassed or ashamed I am about certain things.

In my first book I talked about the struggles and many Obstacles I have been through and faced growing up and now. I also talk about how I overcame some of those struggles.

In my second book I also talked about struggles but I focused more on My process of dealing with those struggles, I am not ashamed to tell my stories I am more hopeful that my stories will help others to open up about their experiences. And understand that its okay to not be okay.

Here are both links for Book 1 and Book 2.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KFYXGQH and


Published by ruchamasmbooks

My name is Ruchama, I am graduate student living in Tampa Florida.I have always had a passion for books, I enjoy reading and writing a good story. My passion for reading pushes me to write my own stories to express myself and hopefully help my readers who's been through the same things I have been trough or going through.

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